Strategic Narrative Messaging Workshop

Discover your industry narrative voice to stand out, lead markets and position your company at the top.

A common frustration among companies large and small is – “we all sound alike and say the same thing as everyone else in our market.”

If you’re looking to rise above the noise and confusing chatter within your industry, you need an industry-level strategic narrative messaging plan that rides above “what you do.” What you need is a meaningful and inspiring strategic narrative that aims to advance the overall good of your industry.

Strategic Messaging Framework

Strategic Narrative Workshop Framework

If you step back and think about it – all winning companies define their industry and lead categories through true thought leadership.

With the Strategic Narrative Workshop and Messaging Framework, Catapult will guide you through a step-by-step process, including a one-day, on-site workshop, to uncover your company’s industry vision, and then develop a strategic narrative that will:

  1. Provide you with a unique voice in the market
  2. Build a foundational messaging platform that will instantly differentiate your company in the market
  3. Focus your company on advancing your industry by defining a new or existing category
  4. Provide a singular messaging framework that rides above your company and product positioning and ties together all of the “things you do.”
  5. Inspire your entire company to rally behind a single “cause”
  6. Establish industry respect and awareness as a true industry leader and category expert

We all know that the more we talk about ourselves the more we get drowned out in the market and sound just like every other company.

Contact Catapult now to start transforming your strategic messaging today.

A Practical Guide to Strategic Narrative Marketing a new book by Guy Murrel.