Drop Your Mission Statement, Pick Up a Strategic Narrative | Part 2

We all have that “one” friend. The one we dread inviting over for dinner or out to brunch because we know all they will do is talk about themselves. While we wait for a natural pause to interject our own thoughts, we begin to lose interest in what they are saying and perhaps begin daydreaming, watching the final cares we have drift away. Think of this friend as the traditional approach to positioning and messaging.

The problem with most messaging today is that companies within a certain sector mostly sound alike and focus way too inward (where you sound like that “one” friend). This is where a Strategic Narrative comes in to elevate and move to higher ground. . A Strategic Narrative is commonly used politically as a way for nations to define their view of and role in the world. As defined by Wikipedia, a Strategic Narrative is a “concise statement of what an entity is doing, why and how that links to a positive vision of the future. It outlines the individual actions of members of its own societies and members of other societies whom it wishes to influence.”

While your organization is of course not a nation, there is something to be said about this general idea. Instead of talking mostly about what you do and trying to “convince” the market, a Strategic Narrative provides a deeper look at the industry, defines trends and states a vision for the future. How is your company influencing these trends? How are you going to be a part of the future of your market? Elevating your message to the industry-level helps create a unified message and instills a sense of purpose. Creating a Strategic Narrative can help not only customers, but also your internal staff, visualize where you stand in the market – and if done correctly, they will see you as a leader, mover and shaker.

If you would like to learn more about how a Strategic Narrative can help you lead your industry, follow our blog series over the next several weeks (check out last week’s intro post). Want to take a deeper dive into Strategic Narrative Marketing? Order our book ‘A Practical Guide to Strategic Narrative Marketing’ for a detailed step-by-step guide on how to transform your organization’s messaging with a Strategic Narrative. If you’re interested in receiving a hands-on and personalized full-day session to take your company out of the doldrums and into the spotlight – sign up for our Strategic Narrative Workshop to.