Narrative driven PR, content marketing and social media for tech companies that think big and shoot for the stars.

Not Your Typical B2B Tech PR Agency

Looking for a fresh approach to PR? At Catapult we blend strategy, industry knowledge, execution and narrative building to impact both marketing results and business value.

We all know that winning companies have the best story. They are the thought leaders that show up “everywhere” – in articles, analyst reports, social media, speaking and industry content. These are the companies valued the highest when acquired or at IPO.

Imagine a PR investment that adds measurable value to the bottom line of your business.

You’re not a typical company. Why settle for a typical public relations firm?

Partner with Catapult to achieve your business goals.

Jumpstart Your Strategic Narrative

We passionately believe that what you say matters. You don’t become a trendsetter and change perceptions by accident. That’s why we created Strategic Narrative Marketing – a narrative-based approach that sets your messaging straight once and for all.

We’ll help you create a messaging framework that positions your company as an industry driver and category leader.



Powerful Narratives Create Category Leaders

Revive tired corporate messaging through our unique service offering. As a leading B2B tech PR agency, we develop narratives that inspire new ways of thinking, make you stand out, and align your organization around a common goal. You’ll build a new industry category or reinvigorate an existing one.

Let us help you become the voice your industry needs in order to embrace changing market dynamics and lead your customers toward the future. It all starts with your narrative. 

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