Catapult Public Relations Agency has a formalized process to help you define and own new or existing market categories. We guide you through this strategic approach – starting with our Strategic Narrative Messaging workshop (and resulting messaging framework) – that transforms the way you communicate with external and internal stakeholders. We then plan a launch strategy and ongoing PR-centric program that focuses on establishing the category within your industry. The results and impact are profound. Once you have a category to champion, all PR, AR, content marketing and social media campaigns have focus and, most importantly, are compelling to the market.

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Connecting you with leading journalists and industry analysts is a key element to spreading your company’s story to the industry. Catapult’s team has years of experience, and deep relationships, within core technology trade publications and outlets covering vertical markets. From product/company launches and positioning clients as thought leaders, to placing contributed content for publication and having executives included as thought leaders within feature stories, you can rest assured that your company will receive outstanding editorial coverage. We also have solid relationships with all of the leading industry research firms and create strategies and programs to influence and position all clients as industry leaders.

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Revive tired corporate messaging through our unique service offering. As a leading B2B tech PR agency, we develop narratives that inspire new ways of thinking, make you stand out, and align your organization around a common goal. You’ll build a new industry category or reinvigorate an existing one.

Let our Narrative Practice help you become the voice your industry needs in order to embrace changing market dynamics and lead your customers toward the future. It all starts with your narrative.

Knowledge and expertise are clear indicators of industry leading companies. We will help you develop a “content marketing machine” that drives awareness, thought leadership and market-winning positioning. Through editorial calendar building, expert writing services and strategic content placement and syndication, your company can rise above the noise of competitors and connect with key audiences. Since technology is our 100-percent focus, you benefit from strategic thinking and writing capabilities that save time and make an impact on your company and industry.

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We pride ourselves on building and executing meaningful social media programs that are based on compelling content and the sharing of useful knowledge. We leverage blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn and more to connect and grow communities. Our drive to tie content to social media leads to very high engagement rates, and less “social fluff” that has little impact in the fast-paced technology world we live in. Prospects, customers and partners need access to the best information and knowledge available, and social media provides the avenue to share and connect with a variety of stakeholders. We believe that without relevant content, social media is hollow and lacks true value.

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Catapult ensures your company is an active participant in leading the advancement of your industry. That’s what true thought leadership is about. From content creation and placement, to interviews, speaking engagements and awards, Catapult is committed to helping your company lead through vision, knowledge and industry participation.

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Looking to shake up and clarify your messaging by elevating it to a higher level? We offer a very different approach to messaging that focuses on industry category leadership. It all starts with our one-day Strategic Narrative Workshop outlined below – and ends with a complete corporate messaging framework that will align your entire organization! Give us a call today to discuss and learn more!

Strategic Narrative Workshop

  • Research your marketplaces and competitors (assume top three or four) prior to conducting workshop.
  • Coordinate and conduct one-day workshop with key stakeholders and executives to reveal the company’s views on the industry, customers/partners, trends and itself.

Workshop sections include:

  • Market Dynamics/Trends
  • Popular Industry Perceptions/Mis-perceptions
  • Challenges (Industry, Customers, Practitioners)
  • Opportunities (Industry, Customers, Practitioners)
  • Best Practices (industry-wide)
  • Benefits/Values (to customers and the industry)
  • The Company – value, SWOT, offerings

Compile and analyze results from workshop participants

Strategic Positioning and Messaging Framework

  • Develop summary of results from workshop, competitive and SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
  • Develop positioning and messaging architecture:
    • Market position to own
      Company Positioning and Messaging Framework
    • Who are we, what do we stand for, who do we serve, why are we different, what is our value proposition?
    • Messaging and positioning for:
    • Industry category or best practices (existing or new)
    • Competitive differentiators
    • Industry vision statement
    • PR tagline and boilerplate

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