Category Building

Category building to define and own new or existing markets.

We’ve developed a formalized process to help you define and own new or existing market categories. We guide you through this strategic approach – starting with our Strategic Narrative Messaging workshop (and resulting messaging framework) – that transforms the way you communicate with external and internal stakeholders. We then plan a launch strategy and ongoing PR-centric program that focuses on establishing the category within your industry. The results and impact are profound. Once you have a category to champion, all PR, AR, content marketing and social media campaigns have focus and, most importantly, are compelling to the market.

Catapult PR IR Category Building for B2B Tech Firms

Client Stories

BluePoint Alert Solutions developed an alert system that defied categorization in the current security system marketplace. Rather than attempt to fit the product into an existing classification, we developed a new category: Rapid Emergency Response System (RERS). RERS positions off what in the personal safety/security industry is called the Personal Emergency Response System (PERS).

Defining a new division of security system placed BluePoint Alert Solutions into a new and emerging category, enabling it to own and drive the formulation of not only the new technology being proposed, but also to frame the conversation in a way that allowed others throughout the industry to provide insight and perspective. Read the case study »

AgilData came to us with an exceptional concept behind database management. When we initially worked together, the company was called CodeFutures. However, as we worked together to develop the company’s narrative, it became clear that it required a new category to fully encompass the full scope of the technology. With that in mind, we landed upon the idea of Agile Big Data.

Armed with this new category designation, company representatives began speaking at conferences and developing content, including white papers, articles, blogs, etc. The overwhelming response convinced company leaders that, along with the new category, an entirely new shift was in order, leading to the company’s rebrand as AgilData. Read the case study »


Category creation not only enables organizations in high technology to differentiate themselves and redefine market landscapes, but it can also open creative and thoughtful conversations internally as well.