Strategic Narrative Workshop

Looking to shake up and clarify your messaging by elevating it to a higher level?

We offer a very different approach to messaging that focuses on industry category leadership. It all starts with our one-day Strategic Narrative Workshop outlined below – and ends with a complete corporate messaging framework that will align your entire organization! Give us a call today to discuss and learn more!

Strategic Narrative Workshop

  • Research your marketplaces and competitors (assume top three or four) prior to conducting workshop.
  • Coordinate and conduct one-day workshop with key stakeholders and executives to reveal the company’s views on the industry, customers/partners, trends and itself. Workshop sections include:
    • Market Dynamics/Trends
    • Popular Industry Perceptions/Mis-perceptions
    • Challenges (Industry, Customers, Practitioners)
    • Opportunities (Industry, Customers, Practitioners)
    • Best Practices (industry-wide)
    • Benefits/Values (to customers and the industry)
    • The Company – value, SWOT, offerings
  • Compile and analyze results from workshop participants

Strategic Positioning and Messaging Framework

  • Develop summary of results from workshop, competitive and SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
  • Develop positioning and messaging architecture:
    • Market position to own
    • Company Positioning and Messaging Framework
      • Who are we, what do we stand for, who do we serve, why are we different, what is our value proposition?
    • Messaging and positioning for:
      • Industry category or best practices (existing or new)
      • Competitive differentiators
    • Industry vision statement
    • PR tagline and boilerplate