Thought Leadership

Catapult ensures your company is an active participant in leading the advancement of your industry. That’s what true thought leadership is about. From content creation and placement, to interviews, speaking engagements and awards, Catapult is committed to helping your company lead through vision, knowledge and industry participation. One of the most critical elements to a successful PR campaign is contributing something to the industry at-large. Thought leadership not only puts your company’s leaders in the spotlight, but it allows those leaders to provide industry insight and commentary as a resource for media, analysts and other thought leaders. Positioning your leaders as greater industry thought leaders opens up narrative avenues that can elevate concepts and present new ideas in ways that do not rely on the “me, me, me” message to which so many organizations fall prey. Each phase of our strategic development moves your team into the positions of thought leadership. Bylined articles in select vertical and horizontal publications, interviews with leading media and analysts and through speaking and award programs each serve as building blocks to establishing a strong thought leadership position throughout your public relations experience.

Positioning your leaders as industry thought leaders opens up narrative avenues that elevate concepts and ideas above the typical “me, me, me” messages that fatigue customers.