Media Analyst Relations

Connecting you with leading journalists and industry analysts is a key element to spreading your company’s story to the industry. Catapult’s team has years of experience, and deep relationships, within core technology trade publications and outlets covering vertical markets. From product/company launches and positioning clients as thought leaders, to placing contributed content for publication and having executives included as thought leaders within feature stories, you can rest assured that your company will receive outstanding editorial coverage. We also have solid relationships with all of the leading industry research firms and create strategies and programs to influence and position all clients as industry leaders.

The difference between a company with a great idea in a crowded market and a successful company with a great idea in a crowded market is the opportunity to do what we call “influencing the influencers.”

In high technology, ensuring that industry-leading analyst and media grasp the technology’s current and future implications, along with understanding where the technology fits within a greater ecosystem, is paramount. We strongly believe that the best way to accomplish this is to connect actual human beings and foster intelligent, insightful conversation.

We also understand that building any kind of relationship requires a personal investment on both ends: we respect the media members and analysts with whom we work and strive to provide frank, spin-free information and outreach opportunities. In return, we become a valuable resource for those same folks, ultimately benefitting our clients.

In today’s media-saturated marketplaces, it is critical to develop personal relationships, and our continued success with industry influencers speaks to the success of those efforts.