Does your marketing message effectively stand out in the market? Do all companies in your category sound alike and say the same thing, just with slight variations?

We believe that an industry-level Strategic Narrative can guide your organization and make it stand out in an increasingly noisy, crowded and confusing market landscape.

If you’re looking for strategic messaging that captures the essence of your company – and what you stand for in the market – Catapult can help. Our Strategic Narrative Messaging workshop and resulting messaging framework will help you define your market category (new or existing) and articulate your company’s value proposition and industry positioning.

Developing a compelling story starts internally – but aims higher, at the industry level. Understanding the strategic needs of your organization is the first step to deciding how, and when, your story should be told. An interesting narrative encompasses many of the same elements we expect from literature, film and beyond. For businesses, incorporating intellectual, emotional and visual elements into market realities positively impacts the tenor of narrative. Company leaders must believe and drive a strategic narrative internally, ensuring buy-in at all levels before taking that story to the marketplace.

The impact of an interesting story can be transformative. Company leaders can become industry thought leaders. Tech specs can move from weed-level minutia into key, narrative-driving details. Product roadmaps have a cohesive vision for launches. The ripple effect of a strong strategic narrative can be felt throughout an entire organization.

At Catapult, we believe that as high technology industries continue to fragment or diversify, the need for a story only continues to grow in importance.

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, don’t sweat it. We can help.