Is your marketing content helping you lead your market?

Whether you are a content or digital marketer, branding guru, PR professional or C-level executive, the content you put out there matters. You probably want your content to be seen. You might even want your content to be strong enough to secure leads and engage your audience. If all those things are true, I’m willing to bet that you want to be recognized in your industry as a leader.

So how is it going? Has your content resonated with the right people? Is it being noticed at all? I’m sure we can all agree that content has power. But in a noisy world where the adoption of self-publishing gives virtually anyone with a blog and social media accounts a voice, there has to be a strategy behind what is released into the digital world.

At Catapult, we have been helping our clients be more strategic about the messaging behind their content for years. We have been asked time and again how we can help them create and deliver something meaningful to their industry that sets them apart from their peers. The solution has become our special sauce.

We start by having our clients focus less on themselves and more on their industry by taking a deeper dive into the megatrends, perceptions and misconceptions in their market space. Then we work together to bring a strategic narrative to the industry that our client can champion. Finally, all content efforts rally behind the narrative and are pushed out into the market space. The results? Analysts and media love it because our client is saying something different. In the most successful cases, the entire industry starts talking about the category that our client owns – even competitors. And that’s how your content can lead the marketplace.

Not sure where to start? In the very near future, we’re launching something BIG and it’s going to include step-by-step instructions that will guide your strategic narrative from creation to execution. We can’t wait to share it with you!