Narrative + PR = Category Winner

It’s harder than ever to stand out — with most companies saying the same thing as competitors.

It’s even harder to seize the top spot within your given category.

Despite all the digital automation and intelligence available to marketers, effective public relations still provides the most credible path to winning the market positioning battle, especially for startups and B2B tech firms.

Don’t get me wrong…

Growth hacking is great. As is paid digital marketing that fills the sales funnel. But, these activities alone have little impact on the larger issue of positioning your company as a clear market leader. You know, the ones that crush the market, raise the most capital, demand the most money when acquired and, when the time is right, IPO.

It takes third-party media coverage, strong placements in industry analyst reports, and consistent content and social media to create the right amount of traction.

However, even the best PR programs need a fresh approach to help you stand out from the competition.

As PR professionals, we are in a unique position to claim ownership of company positioning and messaging. This hangs in the balance at too many organizations – yet is vitally important to success. We see it all the time and have had countless conversations with leaders who are fed up with the struggle to tell a consistent story that delivers strategic value.

Catapult caught on years ago, and today we help companies overcome the messaging battle through Strategic Narrative Marketing. We believe this approach makes the PR team one of the most valuable in the organization – because how a company positions itself within the industry is directly correlated to its ability to win the market.

Introducing “Narrative Practice”

The companies that deliver the most value to the industry offer a blend of strategic narrative and PR. In turn, they are able to lead markets forward, influence through vision and set the tone for positive industry change.

A strategic narrative fuels powerful content and social media, and influences the influencers (media and analysts) with the perspective they are hungry for – valuable messaging that is meaningful to the industry.

We are excited to introduce you to “Narrative Practice.” This new practice, coupled with our core PR-centric communications services, is based on our decades of experience helping organizations of all types leverage the power of narrative to align, lead and win.

Using the Strategic Narrative Marketing framework, we offer something very unique – services that combine strategic company positioning and messaging, category-defining narrative development, and an integrated set of communications programs to launch, and then evangelize, a new company narrative and industry category as a business strategy.

We are thinking big and bold, and doing our best to be the strategic muscle PR needs to provide greater value than ever before. Here’s a breakout of the services and knowledge we offer through our Narrative Practice:

Transform tired PR approaches into something more strategic and value-oriented and remember that words still matter. A powerful industry narrative is a story too few companies tell.

Think differently, align your company, stand out and become the category champion.

We’re here, through our thinking and services, to help you do that.

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