The Brief.

BluePoint Alert Solutions invented a response system to streamline security processes in our schools following the Sandy Hook shootings in 2012. The company developed an alert system, similar to a traditional Fire Alarm pull station, to help speed the time it takes law enforcement to respond to emergency situations.

The Plan.

Catapult helped BluePoint develop and define a new security category, “Rapid Emergency Response Systems (RERS),” that played upon an existing security category, “Personal Emergency Response System (PERS).” Catapult then planned and started executing PR and content campaigns that highlighted the need to speed law enforcement response times in emergency and crisis scenarios. Through content marketing, a strategic industry narrative, customer case studies, along with several vertical market white papers, BluePoint – a small and completely unknown company – created a whole new conversation about safety and emergency response, and, in parallel, established a market category that is now accepted and used within the industry.