Prepare for Launch | Part 11

As we draw closer to the end of our Strategic Narrative Marketing Series, we will explore how to put the industry narrative into action. If you’re new, Strategic Narrative Marketing is a bold approach to company positioning and messaging that speaks at the industry level and challenges organizations to be more strategic. When Strategic Narrative Marketing is properly executed companies stand out as leaders in their industry because they have something to say that is meaningful and compelling. To fully understand the approach, start here and read through the series.

For those who have been tracking along, we will pick up from last week where we offered a framework for a long-form positioning document to serve as the core of the Strategic Narrative. Next, you need to take that raw content and form it into market-facing collateral. Once the collateral is built, you will be ready to introduce your category/market space to the industry with a formal launch.

Here are some examples of content that you can create for your launch:

White Paper or eBook – this will add depth and useful practical information for the launch. It is also your big offering to the industry and drives the call to action – to download/read the paper/eBook.
PowerPoint Presentation Deck – you can port the long-form category into a PowerPoint deck that will be shared with employees, partners, customers, media, analyst and influencers.
Launch News Release – the PR team can leverage the narrative to draft a news release that announces the new industry category/vision and the availability of the paper or eBook.
Corporate Blog Post – a more personalized narrative from the CEO around the “why” and executive vision for the company.
Social Media Content – incorporate the narrative into all social media programs and prepare a steady stream of content. Get creative and develop strong imagery, videos and posts that support the narrative.
New Website Re-fresh – ideally you’ll want an entirely new website. But if that is not possible, incorporate your narrative into the homepage and have a dedicated landing page for downloading the white paper or eBook.
Once you are ready for launch, you must go all in. Leverage your marketing and PR expertise to elevate and evangelize your narrative. Get ready to create excitement and curiosity among media and analysts who are tired of the same old product pitch and company update. Also, keep in mind that your narrative doesn’t stop after the launch – you need a long-term plan.

Join us next time to wrap up the series and access a full plan of action for your Strategic Narrative – from the launch and beyond.