News: Rogue Wave Software Taps Strategic Narrative!

Today, we’re very happy to announce that our second Strategic Narrative messaging project is completed with our valued partner from Louisville, Colorado — Rogue Wave Software ( Rogue Wave is a leader in software development tools, components, and platforms for mission-critical applications. Together, we dove into a full-day Strategic Narrative discovery workshop and subsequent messaging framework that blends an industry narrative with company positioning and messaging to help Rogue Wave align around a common, higher purpose.

“We re-engaged with Catapult because they were instrumental in helping us uncover and articulate a clear, unified corporate message that aligned the business and supported our range of software technology solutions,” said Christine Bottagaro, chief marketing officer at Rogue Wave. “As our company and offerings evolved over time, we brought Catapult back in to facilitate a strategic messaging workshop. This helped us discover our core value proposition and position in the market, and resulted in an industry narrative that will guide our company forward.”

Recently, through acquisitions that expanded the company’s scope of capabilities, Rogue Wave transitioned beyond being a software code-focused organization to a company helping customers more broadly address their strategic initiatives. With Catapult’s help, Rogue Wave revamped its corporate messaging with a new central tagline: Innovate with Confidence. This new tagline encompasses products and services while aligning the organization under a single cohesive message.

“We were thrilled to work with Rogue Wave again in order to re-align their messaging around the growing business,” said Guy Murrel, co-founder and principal at Catapult. “Through the process, Rogue Wave identified the industry megatrends that fuel acquisitions and provide the backdrop for the company message. This market context helped the leadership team identify a tagline that is meaningful to the company vision, its customers, and the software industry at-large.”

Congratulations, Rogue Wave! We always appreciate the opportunity to collaborate!


Strategic Narrative Messaging Workshop with Catapult PR-IR

Want to Learn More about Strategic Narratives?

For more than 17 years, Catapult has helped companies identify and align their positioning and messaging strategies. As a result of these experiences, Catapult launched a Strategic Narrative Marketing process that begins with a one-day, on-site discovery session with key company stakeholders. The session is facilitated by Catapult and includes targeted discussions through a step-by-step process.

During the session, attendees are asked to discuss market dynamics/trends, popular industry perceptions, challenges and opportunities, and possible new categories and/or best practices. Catapult then analyzes the feedback and delivers a 100-percent unique industry narrative that focuses on a company’s industry vision and leadership. Through the process, the company’s view of its industry and category vision are revealed to create a singular umbrella message under which the entire organization can align.

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