Strategic Narrative Marketing: Core Tenets of an Industry Narrative | Part 5

Today we are diving into Part 5 of our Strategic Narrative Marketing Blog series. To guide you through this new, unique approach to company messaging and strategy, we’ve broken down the key pillars of what makes up a marketing-based Strategic Narrative. Our aim is twofold: 1) help those of us in charge of “messaging” create a more industry level industry narrative and, 2) provide a guide that is open and available to make a meaningful contribution to our industry (public relations, marketing).

A Strategic Narrative, (as we define it here at Catapult) reaches beyond traditional positioning and messaging. We’d argue that it creates an opportunity to reveal an untapped or dormant industry-level message that becomes a rallying cry for your entire organization.

This week we are going to explore the core messaging tenets that will drive your Strategic Narrative. A tenet by definition is a principle or belief. In the context of a Strategic Narrative, the tenets serve as its underlying core.

What Makes Up a Strategic Narrative?

Here are the seven core tenets that comprise an industry level, Strategic Narrative:

Must define current industry landscape and trends – the narrative must speak to the industry level
Paints a Vision for the Future- highlight the big opportunity for your industry, both short-term and long-term
Serves as a Singular Umbrella Message – the narrative needs to ride above all other messaging, guiding what the company stands for within the industry
Becomes a Tangible, Company –wide Initiative – the organization must embrace the industry narrative as a strategic corporate initiative for all stakeholders to support and evangelize – internally and externally.
Is Open and Inclusive –the Strategic Narrative should serve as an industry contribution that is open to all – even competitors. In fact, when competitors pick up the narrative it is a validation of the success of your industry leadership
Outlines the Company’s Role in the Industry – the Strategic Narrative helps organizations explain how they fit into the industry, and how they will contribute to the category from an organizational level.
So how do you come up with your own tenets?

Stay tuned for the next blog in the series as we talk about the value of conducting a discovery workshop to develop your own Strategic Narrative.