Taking Our Own Good Advice, Introducing: ‘A Practical Approach to Strategic Narrative Marketing’ book

We’ve all heard the saying “the cobbler has no shoes.”

For the past 17 years, Catapult has worked hard to promote b-to-b tech clients through good strategy and a desire to out-execute all competitors within our client’s market space.

In the meantime, we did little for ourselves that we did for our clients – create marketing-leading positions that helped drive growth and increased value to customers and their industries. We’ve prospered through word of mouth, but marketing ourselves has always been put on the back burner, likely a common challenge that many PR/marketing firms face.

Along our Catapult journey, we developed an approach that focused on defining and creating new categories. What we and our clients both realized was the power of 1) Talking less about “what we do,” and, 2) The power of telling an industry-level narrative that outlines a company’s view of its industry, opportunities and challenges, and a vision for its future by defining existing or, in many cases, new categories or process frameworks.

We call it Strategic Narrative Marketing (SNM).

To bring SNM to life we needed to take the advice that is central to SNM – offer our community new thinking that is of value and can benefit the industry at large. Make it inclusive – even to competitors.

To achieve that, we are pleased to announce today a new guidebook for PR and marketing pros, as well as CEOs – A Practical Guide to Strategic Narrative Marketing.

It’s available on Amazon at: http://tinyurl.com/znzmoc6

Our goal is to help the PR/Marketing industry elevate its value by owning the “story.” That’s always been our job, but in recent years, other marketing functions — from advertising to content, social and influencer marketing — have thrown their hats in the ring when it comes to “the story.” There’s also the rise of “storytelling” itself as a new marketing category.

A common problem we frequently run into is ineffective and uninspiring positioning and messaging. We hear repeatedly, “how can we stand out when all of our competitors are saying the same thing?” Usually, it’s because organizations look too inward and try to eloquently convince a market that they are the best – with every company in the market saying essentially the same thing.

With an industry strategic narrative, we find clients gaining a true industry voice that is 100 percent unique, meaningful and of value to the greater industry community.

To learn more, visit our website at www.catapultpr-ir.com and our blog.

Now we have our own industry “cause” to talk about, and we are excited to share it and raise the volume for Catapult!