Top Quotes on PR and Narrative from Catapult

In a previous blog, I shared some tips on what I learned from my first couple of weeks in the PR industry. One thing I learned after joining the Catapult team is that, “Tips from co-workers are the best… if a co-worker gives you any information on how to make your time more productive or to make others in the office happier, take it. Many of my co-workers at Catapult have helped me with this.”

Shouldn’t this giving approach and insight also apply to our industry and peers?

I think so!   

So, looking back I reviewed some of the great industry-level content the team at Catapult regularly shares. It’s full of great tips and insights about Strategic Narrative Marketing, and our vision for a better PR industry. This week, I want to celebrate what has been said and offer our top takeaways just in case you might have missed any along the way.

Most of the following quotes have been pulled from blogs.

“Collaboration is the underpinning to getting the most out of what you are investing in your agency.”

-Terri Douglas, Co-Founder and Principal

CEOs seem to know that the narrative is the glue that holds the company’s brand together, the rudder that steers the organization into the future and the valuation determinant — the difference of millions, billions or more.”

–Laura Balboni, Senior Account Executive

“A strategic narrative is a one-way ticket to stronger content and a strategy that drives results.”

–Christin Jeffers, Account Content Manager

“Effective public relations still provides the most credible path to winning the market positioning battle, especially for startups and B2B tech firms.”

–Guy Murrel, Co-Founder and Principal

“A Strategic Narrative not only builds a strong foundation for the external messaging strategy, but it aligns internal teams around the same goal.”

-Christin Jeffers, Account Content Manager

“As communications pros, we must unpack the truth in what makes a narrative resonate with our audience, thereby incentivizing our desired call to action.”

-Jeremy Douglas, Director of Client Engagement  

“Creating a category launches organizations into a whole new playing field whereby they define success. Who wouldn’t want to play for the winning team?”

-Laura Balboni, Senior Account Executive

“You see, market categories need to be inclusive to all. Not just for your company alone.”

-Terri Douglas, Co-Founder and Principal

“Category ownership enables marketers to engage with their audience in a way that builds stronger connections and offers a vision that meets the big needs.”

-Christin Jeffers, Account Content Manager

“A tainted industry image should create a sliver of hope because major setbacks often force change and an opportunity to step into leadership.”

-Christin Jeffers, Account Content Manager

“All CMOs must be overly conscious of the changes in how target customers research and consume their products.”

-Jeremy Douglas, Director of Client Engagement

“Category building as a business strategy is one of the smartest things a tech startup can do. It aligns and adds overall value to the business.”

-Guy Murrel, Co-Founder and Principal

“PR has the ability to catapult tech startups off the whiteboard and into the limelight.”

-Guy Murrel, Co-Founder and Principal

Articulate not just your company, but, talk at a HIGHER industry level. What does your industry need? … That’s what your customers want to know.”

-Terri Douglas, Co-founder and Principal

“Think of your market. Who’s the Category King? If you’re not, make it a goal to gain the top spot. Everyone loves a winner!”

-Guy Murrel, Co-Founder and Principal

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