Unwrap Your Company’s Strategic Narrative | Part 6

If you’ve been following along with our Strategic Narrative Marketing blog series, you’ve learned how your organization has a unique opportunity to be heard in the face of today’s oversaturated content and digital marketing channels. You’ve learned how a Strategic Narrative can help elevate your organization above the competition with a higher-level, strategic approach to positioning and messaging. You’ve also learned some of the key building blocks of a Strategic Narrative – including tenets to help guide the development of your category or framework.

So you have a basic understanding of Strategic Narrative Marketing. How do you even begin to uncover your organization’s Strategic Narrative?

The answer is relatively straightforward. If you want an authentic and relevant Strategic Narrative, it is imperative to engage in a detailed discovery process. You need to take a deep, deliberate dive into your industry to unwrap the narrative that sits at the center of your industry vision and unique expertise. Remember – to get there you must look outside of yourself and focus on the industry.

At Catapult, we have conducted full-day workshops that reveals insightful, raw and exciting aspects of the narrative. For the best insights, gather a diverse cross section of employees within the organization and take a wholehearted, collaborative approach to finding your narrative. With a variety of perspectives you have a better chance of uncovering a true narrative that your industry will resonate with and want to be a part of.

To get started, build a set of discovery questions around the following topics, while focusing completely on your specific industry:

Industry Dynamics and Trends
Customer Dynamics
Industry Vision
Industry Contribution
If you need more direction, consider a Strategic Narrative Marketing Messaging Workshop led by an unbiased third party.