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By blending strategy, narrative messaging, aggressive PR, content marketing and social media, Catapult public relations B2B tech firm is dedicated to helping companies achieve their business goals. We believe that all winning companies have one thing in common – they are all clear category and industry thought leaders. This philosophy drives Catapult everyday to help each and every client achieve this highly sought-after market position.





Own, Shape and Define the Category = Disrupt!

Looking for more than the standard PR results? Break free from the norm with the PR Agency that has reshaped and redefined public relations. At Catapult, we help tech companies define and own new or existing industry categories as a core strategy for awareness, positioning and true competitive differentiation. Our public relations agency can help you shift the PR paradigm from “look at me” to an active, industry engaging voice that helps accelerate the adoption of technology solutions. We excel at strategic narrative development – and executing industry-shaping PR, industry analyst, social and content marketing programs that are compelling and make a difference in your industry. If you want to define and own your category – and win in the market – give us a call!


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  • “I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best both for the body and the mind.”

    Albert Einstein
  • "In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing."

    Theodore Roosevelt
  • "You have to accept whatever comes and the only important thing is that you meet it with courage and with the best that you have to give."

    Eleanor Roosevelt


Catapult blends core PR-centric and digital marketing elements to help clients win and standout within increasingly noisy and busy market segments:

Category Building
Unlike other PR Agency firms, Catapult has a formalized process to help you define and own new or existing market categories. Our public relations experts will guide you through this strategic approach – starting with our Strategic Narrative Messaging workshop (and resulting messaging framework) – that transforms the way you communicate with external and internal stakeholders.


Media/Analyst Relations
As a public relations agency for B2B tech companies, we understand that connecting you with leading journalists and industry analysts is a key element to spreading your company’s story to the industry.  We have years of experience and deep relationships within core technology trade publications and outlets covering vertical markets.


Strategic Narrative Messaging
Catapult’s PR team will help you derive a strategy for communicating with potential clients, partners and service providers to improve your brand, boost leads and open up dialog for new products and services.


Content Marketing
Knowledge and expertise are clear indicators of industry leading companies. We will help you develop a “content marketing machine” that drives awareness, thought leadership and market-winning positioning.


Social Media
We pride ourselves on building and executing meaningful social media programs that are based on compelling content and the sharing of useful knowledge.


Thought Leadership
Catapult ensures your company is an active participant in leading the advancement of your industry. That’s what true thought leadership is about.


  • Latest News from Catapult

Market Confusion – Obstacle or Opportunity?

Market confusion brought on by disruptive mega-trends, new legislation or shifting industry norms can be difficult. However, this confusion also can present a wonderful opportunity to stand out as an industry leader by actively clarifying any misperceptions that are adversely impacting your industry. Companies that lead markets will always play an active role in shaping Read More


Guy is a principal and co-founder of Catapult. He provides strategic PR counsel to Catapult clients, helping them articulate their story to break through the noise and capture market leadership.
Guy Murrel

Guy Murrel

Principal & Co-Founder

Terri is a principal and co-founder of Catapult. She combines a laser-focused commitment to client service with a tenacious pursuit of bottom-line results.
Terri Douglas

Terri Douglas

Principal & Co-Founder

Jeremy is a senior account executive at Catapult. Jeremy manages accounts with a consistent, action-oriented media relations approach and strategic focus on furthering a client’s story and thought leadership position.
Jeremy Douglas

Jeremy Douglas

Senior Account Executive
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