Elements of Strategic Narrative Marketing for Category Leadership

‘Strategic Narrative Marketing’ elevates company positioning and messaging to help B2B organizations become category winners through their industry narrative

BOULDER, Colo., June 12, 2019 — Catapult PR-IR (www.catapultpr-ir.com), a high-tech public relations and Strategic Narrative Marketing agency, today released the four elements for building a strategic narrative focused on industry megatrends, insights, vision and category definition. The four elements help companies discover their narrative for the industry so they can tell a story that is unique, solves big challenges and addresses common misperceptions.

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“We are dedicated to helping companies solve the most common pain point we hear from clients – that everyone is saying the same thing and it’s hard to stand out,” said Guy Murrel, chief narrative officer at Catapult PR. “The four elements of a Strategic Narrative are aimed at helping companies get out of detrimental inward-focused thinking patterns and start building a unique story that actually matters to the industry.”

The following four elements frame a Strategic Narrative, including questions to help companies identify new messaging themes:

1. Industry Megatrends: Discuss the megatrends that are causing change or disruption in your industry. What are the big challenges that are impacting customers and the industry at large?
2. Industry Insights: Your company is smart and is on the front line of what’s really happening with customers and the industry. What unique insights do you have? What are the misperceptions that need clarification?
3. Industry Vision: What is your vision for your industry? What needs to happen — industry-wide — to ensure the success of everyone within the industry community?
4. Industry Contribution: Can you define a new category or framework that supports your vision and aims to elevate the overall good of the industry? Remember, it must be inclusive, not exclusive!

The full Strategic Narrative Marketing process can be found in the book, “A Practical Guide to Strategic Narrative Marketing

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