In a crowded, self-publishing digital world an organization will be noticed if they present a strong industry narrative through quality content. Most marketers would agree that good content goes a long way – and other stakeholders within organizations are starting to recognize its value as well. This is evident in the time and resources directed towards content development and marketing across industries.

For many businesses, the content marketing strategy calls for thought leadership content “from” the CEO or other company spokespersons. The problem – most C-level executives don’t have time to create a steady flow of content. This is where ghostwriters can be incredibly valuable. If someone does the heavy lifting for the busy executive, content marketing goals can be achieved.

At Catapult, ghostwriting is one of the many services we offer. We’ve championed the incorporation of a strategic industry narrative in the materials we write and deliver to our clients. If one thing is clear about the job, it’s that ghostwriting is not easy. The writer must accurately capture the correct voice and tone, while aligning with the overall company messaging. It gets even trickier when ghostwriting for multiple clients, all with different strategies for content marketing.

Why Ghostwrite?
I’ve worked as a ghostwriter on many projects over the years and the number one comment I get when I explain what I do is, “why would you want to write stuff that you don’t get credit for.” Here are the top three reasons when I tell them I love what I do:

  1. Ghostwriters are helping organizations promote the bigger picture – whether it’s the brand or the company’s industry narrative, we help bring together big ideas and deliver them through strong content.
  2. As a ghostwriter, I get to interview all different kinds of people. Many of them are leaders in their organization who are incredibly innovative and knowledgeable. I get to hear their vision for the piece I’m working on and have the honor of bringing it to life.
  3. As a ghostwriter for b2b tech companies, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about things I’d never even thought about. From wireless communications in UAV’s to DevOps methodologies, I’ve gained a wealth of new knowledge.

Ghostwriting is an important part of content marketing – especially when busy executives are a part of the strategy. While the writer may not have their name associated with the content they originally drafted, they are contributing to the bigger picture within the organization and keeping the company’s narrative alive.