Market Confusion – Obstacle or Opportunity?

Market confusion brought on by disruptive mega-trends, new legislation or shifting industry norms can be difficult. However, this confusion also can present a wonderful opportunity to stand out as an industry leader by actively clarifying any misperceptions that are adversely impacting your industry. Companies that lead markets will always play an active role in shaping a positive industry narrative, and proactively and consistently educating the market about the overall benefits, advancements and evolution of the market.

Here are some ways to approach market confusion to say something meaningful in the market:

  • If there are major industry roadblocks or challenges, don’t hide from them or ignore them. Create a team of people from across the organization to discuss and clarify your organization’s vision and leadership to address the issues in a positive way.
  • Create messaging and campaigns that frame the industry evolution story, and provide clarity on industry dynamics that acknowledge the issues, sets the record straight and outlines steps and progress the industry is making to address them.
  • Take the lead in organizing an industry roundtable that brings together industry experts to collectively discuss and clarify issues facing the industry. Solicit promotional support from participating companies.
  • Align all thought leadership around educating the industry, from webinars and content marketing to speaking at conferences. Evangelize the solution or clarifying facts to the perceived problem.
  • Take the lead in conducting an industry survey that pinpoints misperceptions and use the results to set a benchmark for the industry to move the needle in the right direction.
  • Consider bringing in a well-known industry influencer to collaborate on a position paper and other forms of content for use in a variety of marketing initiatives, such as video, social and content marketing, and public and industry analyst relations.

Having an assertive voice in the industry demonstrates leadership, confidence and vision. Whether you’re a startup or long-time industry player, don’t leave it to others to define and shape the future of your industry – during good times and bad.


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