Narrative Spotlight: Mavenlink

The narrative movement is gaining traction among industry leaders. An industry narrative is higher-level than storytelling and that alone forces companies to think differently. By participating in this movement, companies have the opportunity to offer a unique voice and contribute to the overall betterment of the industry. What we’re talking about rises above products and services. It is the essence of who a company is and its vision for the industry.

Many companies that have adopted a powerful industry narrative are also category leaders. And category leaders drive markets.

Mavenlink OWNS Thought Leadership Around the Service Level Economy

Image Source: Mavenlink
Image Source: Mavenlink

At Catapult, we notice when companies are successfully promoting their industry narrative — and we think they need to be recognized not only for the good work they are doing but as inspiration for organizations whose stories have gone numb.

This week we would like to point you to Mavenlink, a category leader with an industry narrative that makes it so much more than a project management software company. As a rapidly growing company that received $39 Million in funding in Nov. 2016 – you absolutely should be paying attention to them.

Mavenlink’s Category: Service Level Economy. Check out the landing page here:

Why the Narrative Rocks: Mavenlink is the clear owner of the Service Level Economy category. They defined it in an eBook and have created something of value not only for themselves but for their entire industry. The category gives Mavenlink a leadership position in the industry and the narrative rises above the company’s products and services. It embraces transformation happening in the business services industry in order to shape the next era of business. You see, it’s focused on advancing the industry – and this will always be tied right back to Mavenlink because they took ownership of it. Yet the benefits of the category are available to all.

How Do They Own It: First and foremost, look online. You’ll see that their name is tied to the top references of the category. In addition to crafting THE Service Level Economy eBook (authored by the CEO), Mavenlink is also a co-creator of the research report titled, “State of the Service Economy.” The report includes valuable data from hundreds of companies that is aimed at helping organizations better understand the industry transformation. This is the type of content that not only catches the attention of important influencers, but it drives change in industries facing disruption or uncertainty.

A category or framework that is delivered as an industry narrative extends far beyond marketing benefits. At its best, it aligns the organization under a single cause and defines a vision the company has for the industry while leading the market.

Do you want to know more about creating your own industry narrative? Try this book: “A Practical Guide to Strategic Narrative Marketing: How to Lead Markets, Stand Apart and Say Something Compelling in a Crowded Content World.