Strategic Narrative Marketing in Forbes

We are excited to see Strategic Narrative Marketing featured in a recent Forbes post about creative ideas for driving an organization’s brand. We believe that every company can benefit from Strategic Narrative Marketing, and that adoption of the approach creates industry leaders and category owners.

Read the full article here.

Strategic Narrative Marketing challenges companies to look higher than what they do or offer, and focus on the industry.  By following the approach, a company develops a narrative that allows them to own a unique market space. It contributes to the betterment or advancement of the industry. The company, who shifts their focus to the disruption, challenges and trends in the industry, starts to not only be seen as a leader, but as an industry driver.

Here’s a quote from one of our co-founders that was featured in the post:

We created strategic narrative marketing, a new approach to positioning and messaging that focuses on industry category development. It works because it helps businesses think differently, align the organization with a common cause and stand out from competitors. It helps companies talk less about themselves and more about industry megatrends and their vision for helping advance their own market. – Guy Murrel, Catapult PR

It’s great to see Strategic Narrative Marketing getting some great recognition!