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B2B Social Media Marketing: 10 Quotes to Use as Guiding Principles

As marketing professionals, we all use social media interchangeably throughout our day. It’s how we stay engaged, have conversations and create connections.  The tricky part is promoting these concepts to our B2B customers. Marketers need to try and tell a story from a strategic narrative point of view. If there is one thing I have learned, B2B social media marketing gains attention when storytelling is at the forefront.  B2B marketing on social platforms is a

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Thought Leadership

Twelve PR Quotes That Still Ring True Today

“This is not a secret press bureau. All our work is done in the open. We aim to supply news.” -Ivy Lee In 1906, Ivy Lee issued the “Declaration of Principles.” This “declaration” laid the groundwork for public relations. In his “Declaration of Principles,” Lee stated that the public and the press had a right to know timely and accurate information regarding a company’s actions and thus the ideology of public relations was born. Ivy

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50 Quotes on “Narrative” that Change the Way we look at Storytelling

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, the narrative itself is priceless. As PR and marketing pros, we strive to develop (and nurture) a strategic narrative that will help our clients leapfrog their competition and win in the marketplace. While this is not an easy feat, taking the time and making the effort to create a powerful narrative (at the industry level) helps establish thought leadership and the opportunity to “influence the influencers.”

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