Three Reasons to Adopt a Social Media Strategy

At Catapult PR, we offer a wide variety of services to our B2B tech clients. From analyst and media relations to content development, to capturing speaking and award opportunities there isn’t much we can’t do. While programs such as these are pretty painless in terms of getting clients on board, there is one initiative that is often a struggle: social media. Perhaps it’s because of how new social media is in terms of being a public relations and marketing tool, or perhaps because of the infamous trolls or saturation of selfies and celebrities talking about themselves that makes social media an unappealing program to adopt. While there are no doubt millions of social media users shouting into a void and countless spam-y bots, we see value in adopting a social media strategy for B2B tech companies.

Here are three reasons to get on the social media train:

1. Awareness/Visibility

We often say that social media is a company’s “heartbeat.” Not literally, of course, but posting regularly means you are staying not only on top of users’ news feeds, but staying on top of mind as well. Clients and prospects alike are coming to your page to learn what is new with the company and find relevant insights, tips and content for amusement and education. You don’t want your competition to dominate media coverage and analyst reports, and you don’t want them dominating social news feeds, too.

2. Establish Thought Leadership

One key to being successful in the B2B tech market is to establish yourself as a thought leader. This comes in many forms such as content creation, speaking engagements and participating in webinars, podcasts or other online forums. However, social media is a great way to amplify these efforts. You may already be getting several eyes on your company blog or a bylined article on an industry publication, but social media can help drive even more views and is an easy way for followers to quickly find what you have been writing about without having to do a Google search. Have a speaking engagement coming up or sponsoring an event? Use social media to tell followers where you will be, when and what you will be speaking about to drive interest and increase attendance and booth traffic. Finally, sharing relevant industry news can also help establish thought leadership. It shows you are on top of trend, willing to share insights from the community, and gives new followers a better sense of what you do.

3. Engage with the Community

Finally, social media is a great way to engage with analysts, media and other industry luminaries. By following and engaging with those that are relevant to your industry, it shows that you care what they have to say, are staying on top of the latest reports and news, and can even get some to follow you back and engage with your content. It is also not uncommon these days for media to direct message companies and executives on social asking for insights or interviews. Same goes with companies and executives – don’t be shy to reach out to media or analysts as another way to follow up from a pitch.

Social media can be murky waters to play in, but with the right approach and PR team to support your efforts, it can enhance all your marketing and PR efforts.

Stay tuned for part two of this blog where we dive into social media analytics and what numbers you should be keeping an eye on.