Three Reasons You Need a Strategic Narrative Messaging Assessment

It can be hard to get out of your own head. In business, we are all so close to our company messaging that we sometimes miss the flaws or opportunities for a better narrative.

At Catapult, we’ve talked to dozens of CEOs who are unsatisfied with their company narrative but unsure how to go about improving it. When you’re busy running a business or leading teams, you tend to be inwardly focused on your products and customers – for good reason! But, this makes it even more difficult to take the time to examine the larger, industry picture and how it might help you create a unique company story. 

Sometimes it takes an outsider, someone who’s not as close to the day-to-day business operations, to look at your messaging with fresh eyes and help you gain a clearer, industry-focused vision for your narrative.  That’s why we created the Strategic Narrative Messaging Assessment.                                             

It offers B2B tech organizations a free evaluation of company messaging that objectively identifies strengths and weaknesses, along with comparisons and suggestions for standing out among competitors. 

Three reasons why you should get a messaging assessment:

  1. The feedback is given by an actual human. There are no bots or tools that we use to give you an obscure, meaningless score. Our real, human team spends time digging into your company and competitors’ messaging (focusing on your website). Keep in mind that Catapult has an average employee tenure of nine years. We have extensive experience and knowledge about the B2B tech industry – and we know how to spot opportunities for messaging improvement. We geek out on this stuff and get excited to share our findings with you.
  2. You can do what you want with the information. Take it or leave it. It’s intended to be a helpful resource for you. Maybe it will inspire a complete overhaul of your narrative. Or maybe you’ll read it, get a few fresh ideas and move on. Either way, we have no expectations. 
  3. It only takes a minute of your time. Answer some simple questions in the survey and we’ll return insights on how your messaging stacks up to the competition. We’ll do all the heavy lifting and return feedback that is aimed to be constructive and, hopefully, identify some of the areas where you have an opportunity to lead the market.

Everybody likes free stuff, but most of the time ‘free’ comes with an obligation or catch. There are no strings attached to this assessment.  We’re always available to talk about how we can help you bring a narrative to life, but the assessment is truly a complementary offering to you. 

Get your free assessment by taking the survey here