Join Catapult for a Strategic Narrative Storytelling Panel

A compelling narrative sets a company apart from the competition. At Catapult, we’ve dedicated decades to helping companies tell a more meaningful story with an industry narrative.

Next week, our Co-founder and Chief Narrative Officer, Guy Murrel, is partnering with SOFTWAREcolorado and local marketing leaders to discuss important insights around strategic narrative storytelling. Marketing leaders and CEOs will learn how an industry narrative can help their company stand out and create better alignment. You can find the full details here:


April 2022 Event: Strategic Narrative Storytelling

SOFTWAREcolorado Members and potential SaaS/Software leader members are invited to RSVP here.

April 28 from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. MDT 

Having a clear and compelling narrative that stands out and helps align a company is crucial. It also can be difficult as various internal views, competitive pressures and shifting industry dynamics all must be factored into its development. For startups, having a compelling story can impact everything from attracting customers and investors to hiring top talent. Many of our early leading software companies including Rally, Rogue Wave, and Ping Identity built compelling narratives. Join our panel discussion led by three local marketing leaders as they share their experiences and tips for creating a meaningful narrative story. The discussion will center around:

  1. Why talking about your company too much is a bad thing.
  2. How to think broadly and tell an industry narrative.
  3. Processes for narrative discovery and consensus.
  4. How your narrative supports category leadership.
  5. Ideas for how to align your organization with your narrative as you roll it out


Guy Murrel, Co-founder & Chief Narrative Officer, Catapult PR-IR
Guy has helped many Software/SaaS companies of all sizes develop game-changing narratives that help position them as market drivers and thought leaders.


Christine Bottagaro, Co-founder and CRO at ReSurface Labs
Christine has helped develop, drive and implement Go-To-Market narratives and storytelling throughout her career in the Software/SaaS industry. She helped develop and implement RogueWave’s narrative while serving as CMO.


Patrick Armitage, CMO at Smarter Sorting
Patrick is a strategic marketing and growth leader with almost 20 years of experience including brand consulting and has extensive experience with Software/SaaS companies. He has helped develop, consult and execute company narratives throughout his career.


We hope you can join this interactive discussion featuring an excellent line up of Colorado marketing leaders!


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