Why It’s Important to Use Industry Megatrends as Part of Your Messaging Strategy

Everyone has “that friend.” The one you dread meeting up with because you know that for every story or update you have, they will have one to match it. Everything you say somehow relates to them, and makes you want to (maybe not so) politely exit the conversation. While it’s often easy to tell when you are being like this type of person, it’s much more difficult to recognize this behavior on an organizational level. I’m talking about your business. In particular, your B2B tech organization.

A trend we have seen at Catapult over the years is that most companies are stuck in the trenches, talking about the hard facts of their business. The problem is, they are describing the “what” and not “why,” which ultimately is not persuading potential customers to buy, let alone be interested in, their products. They’re being “that friend” of the industry.

As part of our Strategic Narrative framework, we suggest clients elevate their messaging above the organizational level. What really works and sets companies apart is when you forget talking about the day-in and day-outs of the business, and instead address, challenge and influence industry megatrends that are affecting the present and future. For example, is AI the future of Financial Services? Are microservices and containers the next frontier of software delivery? If your organization dabbles in software delivery (which, these days, it more than likely does), then you probably have something to say about these or any of the countless other trends floating around. It can be something as simple as sharing a relevant industry story on your social feed. Or, you can write a blog or contribute your own article sharing your expert insights on a trend of your choice. Double-check your messaging documents – is it all about you, or how you are addressing a greater industry need? What you want to demonstrate is that you have a finger on the pulse of your industry, that you are on top of or ahead of a trend, and that you are providing value to the community at-large.

Let your organization be the friend that asks questions, challenges the status quo, stands out in a crowded room and most importantly, wins in the marketplace.

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