My First Month at a B2B Tech PR Firm: What I’ve Learned

A new job is a new beginning. I just began my first job out of college at a public relations (PR) agency – Catapult PR-IR. Like many people, I had anticipated my first day and was looking forward to the opportunity. 

The prospect of starting a new job was exciting. The first day can be nerve-racking as you meet many new people and try to soak up as much information as possible.

I didn’t know what to expect coming into my first day, especially since I graduated with a degree in advertising. I always found PR exciting but never thought I would someday work in the industry. My past internships focused on social media advertising and content creation, which I have been learning more about on the B2C side. 

I didn’t realize how much I was going to retain in such a short time. Looking back on my first month, here are some things I have learned so far: 

  1. The Difference Between B2B and B2C Social Media Marketing

    Before this opportunity, I had experience drafting social media posts for B2C businesses. The language and content are different for both types of posts. For B2C posts I spent more time designing images to post, but the copy is critical for B2B clients. Social media was the first task I pursued, and I think I’m getting the hang of it.

  2. Understanding the B2B Tech PR World

    If someone had said “Kubernetes” to me a month ago, I would have given them a blank stare. I have learned so much about technology and startups. At first, it was intimidating to understand what exactly our clients do, but I learned fast with the help of the team at Catapult. I added many new terms to my everyday vocabulary, such as “open source” and “cloud computing.” I even started reading The Phoenix Project to get more familiar with concepts relating to DevOps. I realized this is a fascinating world, and I am excited to keep learning about it.

  3. Strategic Narrative Marketing

    The concept of Strategic Narrative Marketing is similar to my background in advertising. This approach examines the industry rather than the company to create a unique marketing narrative that benefits the industry. I had numerous projects similar to this, where I would research a company’s competitors and find a gap in their messaging, so my client could create a competitive edge. Discovering how PR and advertising can be similar has been very fascinating.

  4. Public Relations as a Whole

    I learned about what goes on behind the scenes in an entry-level B2B Tech PR position. This includes building lists of reporters for news blasts, researching client events and awards, and more. It’s a lot of research, which has helped me discover more about the high-tech industry. Learning about press releases and everything that goes along with them has been exciting to me, and I am looking forward to taking the reins on this process when I have more experience.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a month! I have gained valuable experience from my account coordinator position here at Catapult. Thinking back on all the things I have discovered in my first month, I wonder just how much more I will learn in the future. Even though I thought I would go into advertising, my outlook on what my career will look like has changed. I can’t wait to continue this PR adventure. 


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